Fagin the Jew

Fagin the Jew (Doubleday, 2003)
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FAGIN THE JEW (2003) is Will Eisner's examination of the Fagin character from Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist. Based on his own research into the era and the original editions of Oliver Twist, Eisner tells Fagin's story, and looks at prejudice, poverty and anti-Semitism prevelant in classic literature.

Eisner writes in his afterword: "Over the years, Oliver Twist became a staple of juvenile literature, and the [Jewish] stereotype was perpetuated."

Published by Doubleday, this reinvention of the classic 1837 novel is told from Fagin's point of view, allowing Eisner to paint a poignant and refreshing portrait of one of literature's most famous and misunderstood characters.

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