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Geoff Boucher over at The LA Times web site takes a nice long look at Frank Miller's latest projects in comics and film, including the new Spirit feature film. The article also has a bonus photo gallery of Miller's career hits in comics.

The artists [Eisner and Miller] had a close friendship, and Miller seems more nervous about his film living up to the expectations of his late mentor than he does about any pressures from producers or the public.
"There's quite a standard there, and I feel a tremendous responsibility and honor doing it," Miller said. He chewed on the thought some more. "It is a lot of pressure, though, yes."
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BoingBoing on 'Will Eisner's New York'

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"This is a glorious book. The longer pieces -- "New York," "The Building," "City People," "Invisible People" -- are fully-formed things, whole stories that manage to put an entire novel's worth of feeling into a few short pages. The vignettes are executed with such a deft hand and such a keen observer's eye that they achieve nearly as much, sometimes with just a panel or two."
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More discussion about the documentary over at the Brian Michael Bendis forums, Jinxworld:

Eisner carries the show throughout the documentary, delivering candid, intelligent stories of the beginnings of the medium, his time away from it, his experiences in World War 2, and much much more. I was particularly impressed with the honesty and explaining of the Ebony character, an embarassing relic of the minstral era that Eisner makes no excuses for.
The story that Kitchen tells of Eisner's first contact with the Underground Comix of the 70's is priceless. (Eisner on Art Speigalman:"We both smoked pipes, but not the same stuff out of them.")
Eisner's conversations with Kirby about thier shared childhood experiiences living in the ghetto during the Depression grant you an unprecedented look at the formulative years of two of the great innovators of an artform.
The story of Will Eisner's life is the story of comic books. From it's beginnings as a daily advnture newspapaer strip spun out of the pulps, to the first pamphlets known as the modern comic book, to it's maturing into the Graphic Novel, a term that Eisner coined and format he may have invented.
The jazz soundtrack is great, the looks at Eisner's original art is drool inducing.
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Pamela Jo Bowman writes on her Voice of an African Nation blog:

Eisner’s work was revolutionary. It expanded to more than the typical superhero stories. Comics became political and relevant mainly because of Eisner’s insight and vision.
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The Huffington Post's Joel Keller talks about the new Eisner documentary:

Director Andrew D. Cooke does a good job of mixing talking-head interviews -- with the likes of Jules Feiffer, who worked on "The Spirit," Spiegelman, Miller, Michael Chabon, and even the late Kurt Vonnegut, among other notables of multiple generations -- with audio tape interviews Eisner did in the eighties with the big comic artists of the early 20th century, including Milton Caniff and Harvey Kurtzman. He also gives non-comic viewers a good indication of what Eisner's work was like, from the brightly-colored, cinematic drawings of "The Spirit," to black-and-white biographical drawings that show how Eisner was able to draw characters that were cartoonish and realistic all at once.
Read the full review here.

Robert Salsbury reports on his blog:

... the interviews were well done and varied, and the filmmakers had clearly tried very hard to make space for the artwork to show through. "WILL EISNER: PORTRAIT OF A SEQUENTIAL ARTIST" is screening a number of times during the festival, and I'd highly recommend checking it out.
Read the full review here.

Indie Spinner Rack checks out the list of the 2007 Eisner Award nominees, category by category, as well as discussing a variety of recent comic industry news and events. Listen to the podcast here.

A Spirited Life: Various Eisner links

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Brooklyn-based cartoonist Josh Neufeld reveals on his Live Journal:

... the movie review show, "Reel Talk," featuring Jeffrey Lyons & Alison Bailes, will be featuring Portrait of a Sequential Artist on this Saturday's show, at 10 a.m. on NYC channel 4 (NBC). Word is that Lyons and Bailes loved the film! So if you can't get tickets to the festival, be sure to check out "Reel Talk" for an advance peek of what is sure to be a fascinating study of the one of the most important cartoonists of all time.
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From the Life in a Bungalo site:

In the same festival that, thanks to Spider-Man, now features panels centering on superheroes and the filmmakers who’ve brought them to life, movie-goers will also find the Discovery documentary Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Life – a film celebrating the life and art of arguably the most influential creator in American comics. An artist, businessman, innovator, and visual storyteller, Eisner was a superhero of sorts, which is why it’s so fitting that his story will come to life at Tribeca Film Festival which will premiere Spider-Man 3.
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Eisner interview from 2000

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Bob Andelman writes on his A Spirited Life blog: "Here's a transcript of an interview that Mike Jozic did with Will Eisner on March 7, 2000 for Meanwhile..."
Read the full transcript of the interview here.

There's a great interview with publisher and film producer Jon B. Cooke over at Tom Spurgeon's The Comic Reporter web site. Jon talks about the new Eisner documentary 'Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist', which opens this Thursday at the Tribeca Film Festival, as well as other Eisner-related topics.

2007 Eisner Award Nominations announced

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Eisner AwardsAfter poring through the thousands of books and comics submitted, a five-person blue-ribbon panel of judges have arrived at the 2007 nominees for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, considered the “Oscars” of the comic book industry. And they’ve come up with quite an eclectic mix.
[Read the full list of nominees at the Eisner Forums...]

The director of 'Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist' talks about Eisner and the reasons behind the documentary. View here.

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