Jinxworld on 'Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist'

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More discussion about the documentary over at the Brian Michael Bendis forums, Jinxworld:

Eisner carries the show throughout the documentary, delivering candid, intelligent stories of the beginnings of the medium, his time away from it, his experiences in World War 2, and much much more. I was particularly impressed with the honesty and explaining of the Ebony character, an embarassing relic of the minstral era that Eisner makes no excuses for.
The story that Kitchen tells of Eisner's first contact with the Underground Comix of the 70's is priceless. (Eisner on Art Speigalman:"We both smoked pipes, but not the same stuff out of them.")
Eisner's conversations with Kirby about thier shared childhood experiiences living in the ghetto during the Depression grant you an unprecedented look at the formulative years of two of the great innovators of an artform.
The story of Will Eisner's life is the story of comic books. From it's beginnings as a daily advnture newspapaer strip spun out of the pulps, to the first pamphlets known as the modern comic book, to it's maturing into the Graphic Novel, a term that Eisner coined and format he may have invented.
The jazz soundtrack is great, the looks at Eisner's original art is drool inducing.
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