Variety: More Miller on The Spirit movie

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Anne Thompson on her Thompson on Hollywood blog writes while Cannes party-hopping:

I flitted through Odd Lot Entertainment and Lionsgate's Carlton Cote party to celebrate Frank Miller's directing debut on his film adaptation of Will Eisner's The Spirit. I had chatted with Miller Wednesday night at the Grand after I finished my Michael Moore column. He's in good fettle (what's not to like?) post-300 and was eager to get to work on The Spirit. He's going to find a happy medium between the style of 300 and Sin City, he said, black and white with color for emotion. There will be Red. He's designing a very 40s world. And he has some great casting ideas for the women of the piece, and is hoping to convince Bob Hoskins to get on board. The Spirit will be an unknown. Like the comic book artist he is, Miller plans to storyboard and plan very carefully--and will call his Sin City co-director Bob Rodriguez for answers if need be.

Source: Bob Andelman's A Spirited Life Blog

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