IGN: The Spirit of Will Eisner

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From 2005, Peter Sanderson talks comics and runs through the best Spirit stories ever told in a long and well written article:

Perhaps responding to the Batman-is-nuts school of thought, Eisner emphasizes that the Spirit is different. "As his creator, I can assure you that he had no neurotic or other deep-seated psychological needs to satisfy. He was simply a guy who had a perfectly acceptable trade -- that of chasing and catching crooks. He was good at it. He got into the superhero business by accident; stumbled into it, you might say." In other words, you don't have to be crazy to risk your life fighting crime. Eisner continues, "he entered the profession much the same way most people enter a lifelong career -- through a combination of need, talent, and circumstance." Was this how Eisner modestly regarded his own career as a comics writer and artist?
Read the full article here.

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