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The Spirit Vol. 1Tom Spurgeon takes a good look at the recently released hardcover collection of Darwyn Cooke's version of The Spirit:

The first volume collecting issues of DC's new The Spirit is, as expected, an extraordinarily good-looking book, clean and lean, with a clever and sharp-looking die-cut cover and impressive-as-you'd expect insides. You could spend hours looking at the damn thing, and I think I have. There are arresting instances on just about every page, the kind where you find yourself constantly clucking your tongue in appreciation. It's like watching a beautifully shot film. Your eyes might be seduced by the symmetry in a face or the perspective selected for a long shot of a living room. Cooke's comfortable partnership with Bone and Stewart results in handsome, pleasurable art, art worth going back to and looking at again. The two-page spreads have the requisite pop, a reminder of the Jack Kirby DC days of 35 years ago where a piece of visual candy lay waiting on pages 2-3 as a kind of stutter-step into the story proper. Cooke's women are beautiful, his bad guys grotesque, and there's only a tiny bit of struggle with the outsized, cartoonier figures like Commissioner Dolan (who retains a level of absurdity, at least in his design, that suggests his being a larger than life boss more seen that way than is that way) and Ebony (mercifully revamped and updated). The stories are ripped out of the 1940s in which Will Eisner's stories are set and take place in one of those mid-20th Century cities with modern elements that Cooke as much as anyone has popularized. Like I said, I've been looking at the thing for hours now. I like it.
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