MovieWeb: Movie set report with two short interviews with Macht and Miller

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Paulington James Christensen III's report from the set visit of 'Will Eisner's The Spirit' feature film includes chats with Denny Colt himself, Gabriel Macht and writer/director Frank Miller.

How is this movie going to look like Will Eisner?

Frank Miller: Well, Will Eisner was always a little shorter than I was and balding. It is going to be quite faithful to Will's vision as an artist. I have often laid out storyboards my way. And Eisner's way. And I have always gone with Eisner's way.

There is a lot of humor in this film, right?

Frank Miller: It wouldn't be Will Eisner's Spirit if there wasn't.

What aspect of Will's work did you want to get perfect in translating this project to the screen?

Frank Miller: The passion that Will and I always shared for New York City. You will see some very familiar touches that come from Will Eisner, and that come from the city that we both love.

Read the full report here.

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