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Will Eisner's THE SPIRIT mini-bustPre-order solicitation for the mini-bust that will be shipping June 18, 2008...

"Here at Dark Horse, there is no shortage of fans of Will Eisner's The Spirit. We are proud to present a Spirit mini-bust based on original concept art by Will Eisner! We used an unpublished drawing from his archive as sculptor reference, thereby bringing Eisner's creation to life! Sculptor Tony Cipriano has captured the essence of Eisner's art perfectly.

"Included with this bust is a separate Central City manhole cover, to be placed on or near the bust by the consumer.

"First published in 1940, The Spirit kept newspaper audiences enthralled for more than thirty years with stories about a masked vigilante who fought crime with the blessing of the city's police commissioner.

"The Spirit has inspired the current in-production Lions Gate film, directed by Frank Miller."

Pre-order yours here.

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