New Eisner Spirit statues from Dark Horse!

| No Comments | No TrackBacks's Rick Marshall reports from the 2008 Toy Fair on a new range of statues coming soon from Dark Horse:

Most notable of the bunch, however, were a pair of statues based on the title character of Will Eisner's The Spirit comics. With a Frank Miller-helmed film based on the character scheduled to hit theaters early next year, Dark Horse Comics' statues are based on the original Eisner design for the character -- literally.

According to DH's Vice President of Product Development, the statues are based on sketches Eisner made in the event that a 3-D sculpture was ever made of the character. Dark Horse acquired the sketches from the Eisner Estate after the creator's passing, and had the statues made from the sketched designs.

"The statues aren't just in the Eisner style," explained Scroggy, "but actually designed by Eisner."

Read the report here.
(Photo © ComicMix/Rick Marshall)

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