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The Spirit Vol. 1Win Wiacek discusses the first collected volume of Darwyn Cooke's run on The Spirit:

Although I'm sure the impending movie has had a lot to do with this enterprise, The Spirit has always been a fundamentally Graphic and Design icon and Cooke has maintained the visual innovations as well as the racy, tongue-in-cheek comedy and breathtaking action. Perhaps my objections stem mostly from the facts that it's set in a more-or-less contemporary world rather than the fabled forties and fifties. The ingenuous, camouflaged sexuality of Will Eisner's work is missing from modern "in-your-face" liberated relationships, and that passionate tension is sorely missed. Or perhaps I'm just too churlish to accept anybody else's interpretation of the character.
This is by any standard a truly great comics read and you shouldn't let my reluctance influence you. If you haven't seen Eisner's originals you must read them, no argument there. But even though this volume isn't MY Spirit, it is a damned good one. Go on, read them both. Please yourselves...
Read the full review here.

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