Pop Matters: "Life, In Pictures"

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Life, in PicturesErik Hinton from Pop Matters takes a close look at the Life, In Pictures hardcover recently released by WW Norton:

It is profoundly remarkable that Eisner created these works decades before comics were taken as anything but a mindless paper filler. Reading Life, in Pictures has some of the qualities of gazing at the paintings of the masters: that impression of awe engendered by the sui generis.

Life, in Pictures is an invaluable artifact in the birth of the graphic novel medium and still a high point in the comic catalogue. As such, it deserves purchasing by any true fans of the genre and, truthfully, anyone concerned in the development of autochthonous American art. Bedtime reading, though, it is not.

Rather, this collection deserves to be read with all the careful approach of engaging a holocaust memoir and the scholastic-critical attunement of one in a museum. Word of advice: plan in advance some fun activities to execute upon the completion of your trek through Eisner's anthology. Else, you may find yourself staring frigidly at the cerebral cover of the book for hours.

Read the full review here.

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