Pop Syndicate: The Spirit #12

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The Spirit #12Pop Syndicate's Scott Cederlund loves the last issue of The Spirit by Darwyn Cooke:

In The Spirit, Darwyn Cooke has attempted to pay homage to the Spirit's creator Will Eisner without specifically referencing Eisner's style or writing. Cooke has adapted the Spirit and brought the character into his narrative style while tweaking, updating and disguising some of Eisner's traditional touches to the character. Take a look at Cooke's title pages, the gorgeous two page spreads that owe as much to television and film opening credits as they do to Eisner's trademarked Spirit splash pages. But with this issue, Cooke's farewell issue to the title, he embraces his inner Eisner, updating two stories that Eisner originally wrote and drawing half the book in an Eisnerish style with loose ink work and experimental and graphic layouts.
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