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EW.com: Miller & Del Prete on The Spirit

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EW's Nisha Gopalan runs a few questions past The Spirit writer/director Frank Miller and producer Deborah Del Prete. Some juicy little bits are revealed about the upcoming film. Read the article here.

Eva Mendes as Sand SarefComic Book Resources Contributing Writer Edward Carey fills us in on what was discussed at the New York Comic Con panel on The Spirit movie:

On Saturday at New York Comic-Con 2008, writer/director Frank Miller, star Eva Mendes and producers Deborah Del Prete and Michael Uslan were on hand to talk about the upcoming big screen adaptation of Will Eisner's "The Spirit," and CBR News was there.

MTV's Kurt Loder moderated the "Spirit" panel, and touted Will Eisner as one of the pioneers who invented modern comics as we know them. Frank Miller himself was influenced by Eisner.

Click to read the full panel review here.

A limited edition promotional poster was also available of Eva Mendes as Sand Saref, Denny Colt's childhood sweetheart all grown up. A full version of the poster is available to view after the jump.

PS Magazine archives online at VCU

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PS MagazineBob Andelman let's us know that The Virginia Commonwealth University has uploaded a huge archive of over 140 issues of Will Eisner's PS Magazine. This is a huge resource of rarely-seen Eisner material featuring 'Joe Dope' and 'Connie Rod', showcasing Eisner's practical foray into educational comics for US troops:

VCU Libraries is honored to present these rare examples of the incomparable art work of the late Will Eisner. In an effort to encourage soldiers to keep better care of their equipment, the US Army hired Eisner's American Visuals Corporation to do a digest-sized publication focusing on preventive maintenance. Each issue consisted of a color comic book style cover; eight pages of four color comic continuity story in the middle; and a wealth of technical, safety, and policy information printed in two color. Eisner drew and was artistic editor for PS Magazine from its inception in 1951 until 1972. Presented here are complete scans for 145 regular issues, 3 special issues, and 14 index issues.

Visit the Archive here.

Bob Andelman, author of the authorized biography Will Eisner: A Spirited Life, has hosted an online chat about Eisner's years on PS Magazine:

Because so much interest is being concentrated on Eisner's work this year - and because it is a personal interest of my own, I've invited a trio of experts on PS Magazine to join me for a conversation about "The Unknown Eisner":

Cindy Jackson is Archival Assistant for Comic Arts & Digital Collections in the Special Collections & Archives Department of the James Branch Cabell (rhymes with rabble) Library at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.

Paul Fitzgerald is a retired journalist who spent 10 years at PS Magazine where he worked alongside Will Eisner and formed a life-long friendship. Paul's first book, Will Eisner and PS Magazine, will be published in May 2008.

Stuart Henderson joined the PS staff in August of 1993, and he has been production manager of the magazine since March of 2002. He is also the Army magazine's unofficial historian.

You can listen to this interview here!

The Spirit movie teaser

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The Spirit movie Poster

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My City Screams movie posterHere's the first look at the teaser movie poster for the Frank Miller-helmed feature film. Nice to see some Eisner-inspired use of type with the landscape.

A larger version is after the jump...

Newsarama: Paul Levitz on Will Eisner

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Over at the Newsarama Blog, DC Comics publisher Paul Levitz writes an extensive piece on Eisner and the imminent completion of The Spirit Archives:

Joining my wife Jeanette (no, not Jenette Kahn) and I around the table for the toast (and a fine dinner) were Ann Eisner and a sizeable contingent of Will's family, including nephew Carl Gropper, who now has the high honor of leading Will Eisner Studios. From the DC side, we brought the team responsible for the ARCHIVES creatively, including Richard Bruning (who launched the series so long ago), Georg Brewer, Bob Harras, Robbin Brosterman and current SPIRIT ARCHIVES editor Scott Nybakken, plus the original designer of the series, Amie Brockaway-Metcalf. Representing the business side of THE SPIRIT ARCHIVES was Bob Wayne, whose passion for the program began when the first possibility of the project emerged. And equally importantly, we had a key contingent of the people who have kept THE SPIRIT alive: Dennis Kitchen, who has been friend, agent, provocateur and publisher to Will, accompanied by his family (including daughter Alexa fresh from signing a graphic novel contract that afternoon); Judy Hansen, literary agent for the property; THE SPIRIT film producer Michael Uslan and director Frank Miller (armed with a set photo from my cameo moment).
Read the full article here.

... and further down the page, this interesting item about the remaining Archive volumes:

Editor's update: David Hyde at DC sent us an update on the release schedule of The Spirit Archives; currently there are three volumes in the works that haven't arrived in stores yet. They are:

-The color Sunday Spirit sections have all been collected in Will Eisner's The Spirit Archives Vols. 1-24 -- the section ended in October of 1952. (Paul referenced the last of these up top).

-From October 1941 to March 1944, there was also a daily, black and white newspaper strip of The Spirit, and Will Eisner's The Spirit Archives Vol. 25 will collect all of these strips.

-Everything that Eisner did with The Spirit after the end of the weekly section in 1952 will be collected in Will Eisner's The Spirit Archives Vol. 26, which will include his covers for the various Spirit reprints for Warren and Kitchen Sink.

New York Comic Con: Eisner events...

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Come see the new full-length feature film documentary about the life of the creator of 'The Spirit'!
Friday, April 18
12.00 noon Room 1E10-1E11

Followed at 2.00 pm by
Featuring guests Mark Evanier, Paul Levitz, Michael Uslan, Carl Gropper, Andrew D. Cooke and Jon B. Cooke.

Saturday, April 19, 2008
4.15 pm IGN Theater
WILL EISNER'S THE SPIRIT movie teaser and poster revealed with Frank Miller and Eva Mendes!

Lionsgate and Odd Lot Entertainment present an exclusive first look at THE SPIRIT, based on the classic comic book series by Will Eisner, featuring the world premiere of the film's teaser trailer. Writer-director Frank Miller and actress Eva Mendes will be on hand to speak about their involvement in the upcoming major motion picture, along with the film's producers, Odd Lot Entertainment co-CEO Deborah Del Prete and Michael Uslan. The panel will be moderated by MTV News Correspondent Kurt Loder.

Visit the Convention web site here.

2008 Eisner Award Nominees announced!

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2008 Eisner AwardsThe nomination list for the 2008 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards represents the most diverse slate of titles and creators in the 20-year history of the awards (considered the "Oscars" of the comic book industry). The nominees range from literary Japanese graphic novels to comics based on popular TV series, from massive hardcover collections of classic comic strips and comic books to cutting-edge anthologies, from goofy humor titles to works about the Soviet space program, a Chinese vaudeville magician, and the Negro Leagues. In fact, the nominations are so varied that it is difficult to summarize any trends.

Darwyn Cooke's The Spirit, from DC Comics, has been nominated in the 'Best Continuing Series' category.

Official Spirit movie stills...

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Samual Jackson as The Octopus

Scarlett Johansson as Silken Floss

On behalf of Lionsgate, we are pleased to present the first, finished production stills from the set of the upcoming classic action-adventure-romance, THE SPIRIT, told by genre-twister FRANK MILLER. Top is Samuel Jackson as The Spirit's arch-enemy, the OCTOPUS and below that, Scarlett Johansson as SILKEN FLOSS, a punk secretary and frigid vixen!

The Spirit movie: teaser countdown...

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The official Lionsgate movie site has been redesigned to feature a new graphic design and an iconic image of The Spirit as played by Gabriel Macht. The site offers the above widget, with a countdown clock to the first movie trailer. Plus a new Spirit Movie-related site: MyCityScreams.com is in the works.

Visit the new site here.

The Spirit Movie Outdoor Posters!

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ComingSoon.net has exclusive first looks at the new movie's advertising posters...
Read more here!

Will Eisner Spring Lecture

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London Review of Books: "Life, In Pictures"

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Elif Batuman reviews the latest Eisner hardback collection:

What you realise, reading The Dreamer, is that the story of the superhero's double identity is actually the story of American Jewish assimilation. In one spread, set in the Eisner & Iger studio, the cartoonists discover that they are nearly all Jewish. Eisner has changed their names, but a glossary at the back provides the key: 'Jack King' (né Klingensteiner) is based on Jack Kirby (né Jacob Kurtzberg), co-creator of Captain America and The Fly; 'Ken Corn' is based on Bob Kane (né Kahn), creator of Batman. The bespectacled Jews in their workshop, manufacturing superheroes under assumed names: it's a room full of Clark Kents.
Read the full review here.

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