Newsarama: Paul Levitz on Will Eisner

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Over at the Newsarama Blog, DC Comics publisher Paul Levitz writes an extensive piece on Eisner and the imminent completion of The Spirit Archives:

Joining my wife Jeanette (no, not Jenette Kahn) and I around the table for the toast (and a fine dinner) were Ann Eisner and a sizeable contingent of Will's family, including nephew Carl Gropper, who now has the high honor of leading Will Eisner Studios. From the DC side, we brought the team responsible for the ARCHIVES creatively, including Richard Bruning (who launched the series so long ago), Georg Brewer, Bob Harras, Robbin Brosterman and current SPIRIT ARCHIVES editor Scott Nybakken, plus the original designer of the series, Amie Brockaway-Metcalf. Representing the business side of THE SPIRIT ARCHIVES was Bob Wayne, whose passion for the program began when the first possibility of the project emerged. And equally importantly, we had a key contingent of the people who have kept THE SPIRIT alive: Dennis Kitchen, who has been friend, agent, provocateur and publisher to Will, accompanied by his family (including daughter Alexa fresh from signing a graphic novel contract that afternoon); Judy Hansen, literary agent for the property; THE SPIRIT film producer Michael Uslan and director Frank Miller (armed with a set photo from my cameo moment).
Read the full article here.

... and further down the page, this interesting item about the remaining Archive volumes:

Editor's update: David Hyde at DC sent us an update on the release schedule of The Spirit Archives; currently there are three volumes in the works that haven't arrived in stores yet. They are:

-The color Sunday Spirit sections have all been collected in Will Eisner's The Spirit Archives Vols. 1-24 -- the section ended in October of 1952. (Paul referenced the last of these up top).

-From October 1941 to March 1944, there was also a daily, black and white newspaper strip of The Spirit, and Will Eisner's The Spirit Archives Vol. 25 will collect all of these strips.

-Everything that Eisner did with The Spirit after the end of the weekly section in 1952 will be collected in Will Eisner's The Spirit Archives Vol. 26, which will include his covers for the various Spirit reprints for Warren and Kitchen Sink.

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