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PW: Comics Education the Eisner Way

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WW Norton have released new versions of Will Eisner's instructional textbooks Comics and Sequential Art and Graphic Storytelling. Added to these two essential texts is the third volume Expressive Anatomy. Publishers Weekly Ada Price has a run-down:

Published for the first time as a trilogy, the form in which they were originally conceived, Will Eisner's comics instructional books--Comics and Sequential Art, Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative and the posthumously completed Expressive Anatomy for Comics and Narrative--have been revised and released in new editions by W.W. Norton. Based on Eisner's lectures and classes at New York City's School of Visual Arts, the books explore the minute details of creating comics, from panels and timing to the printing process. The books have been updated and revised, as per Eisner's wishes for the books to remain relevant. Eisner's editor, Norton executive editor Robert Weil, and contributing editor, Denis Kitchen, oversaw the process.
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"Remember the one 'Spirit' story about the guy who could fly?" asked de Souza. "That's as wacky as any Tex Avery cartoon, but because it's on the fringes of the action, it's very poignant."

"That's the heart of Eisner's 'Spirit,'" he continued. "We tried to use that in our version for ABC and Warner Bros., so I'm really eager to see Miller's take on it."

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Eisner Awards Seals Available to Publishers

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Eisner Award sealsGold and silver Eisner Award seals are now available for publishers to purchase and place on their nominated and winning books. These seals are similar to those used in other such book awards programs.

"Being nominated for an Eisner Award, let alone winning, is a prestigious accolade," said Jackie Estrada, Eisner Awards administrator. "Many publishers have been asking whether such seals are available to help booksellers and librarians choose award-quality graphic novels, it is for this reason we are making these seals available."

The seals are available in both gold (for winning works) and silver (for nominated works). Publishers can purchase the seals to place on books that have been nominated in prior years as well as for 2008 books. The seals can be placed on existing books or on books that are going back to press for reprinting.

Publishers wanting to purchase the seals should contact Estrada via e-mail (Jackie@comic-con.org) or phone (619-414-1020).

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