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Will Eisner and PS Magazine

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Paul Fitzgerald has announced the availability of a limited edition of his new book, Will Eisner and PS Magazine. Paul Fitzgerald was PS Magazine's first managing editor and had a 52-year friendship with Will Eisner. This is warmly reflected throughout the 224 page softcover book. The book is currently only available directly from the author in a signed and numbered limited edition of 500 copies.

For more information and to order a personal copy go to the
Will Eisner and PS Magazine Website.

My Favorite Panel...

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A great review of Will Eisner's Last Day in Vietnam from the PopMatters Comics Blog:

In the titular story from Will Eisner's anthology Last Day In Vietnam, an unnamed Major in the USMC and civilian news-reporter plan an impromptu escape from a Marine Firebase.

The beauty of this sequence lies in Eisner's superb skill at telling a story across dimensions. It appears as if the Major literally crawls out from two dimensions into three, as he clambers aboard the Huey helicopter. Viewed from inside the Huey, the Major running towards the chopper is ordinary fare for comics. It is the world at a distance, the theatrical fourth wall remains undisturbed. But over the course of the two panels that follow, the fourth wall is breached and the violence and horror of a base camp under enemy fire recedes into the distance.

Read more at The PopMaters Comics Blog here.

Still available at Amazon.com:

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