Veteran's Day

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Yesterday was Veteran's Day in the US which marks the end of World War I. MTV posted an interesting interview with Will Eisner from 2005 about his work for the Army during World War II and about "PS Magazine." Here's a brief except and the entire interview can be found here.

"Will Eisner is well known today for creating "The Spirit," his blue-clad superhero that received the Hollywood treatment at the hands of Frank Miller last year. But lesser known is that Eisner was a veteran of no less than three major wars: World War II (where he was an enlisted man) and Korea and Vietnam, where he was a civilian contracter eventually obtaining the rank equivalent to a brigadier general. I was fortunate enough to know Will, and four years before his death in 2005, we chatted at length about his military service, how it related to "The Spirit," and his views on the extreme stresses of war.
"In honor of both Veterans Day and Will Eisner, enjoy this rare look inside the mind of the revered comics legend on this most serious of topics."
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