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GNYC_logo.jpgA Very good profile of Will Eisner at NYC Graphic.

Graphic NYC was formed in early 2009 by photographer Seth Kushner and writer Christopher Irving to document the evolution of the comic book and graphic novel through the experiences of New York City's creators.

When Will Eisner spoke on the comics page, it was in a language that was distinctly no one else's but his own. What Jack Kirby did with visual power, Will did for the art form and language of comics, bringing them on par with film and pushing (sometimes gently, others with force) for the medium to go beyond it's juvenile beginnings and grow into an actual - ART FORM.

Continue reading at Graphic NYC

Will Eisner's art is now available at the POD Gallery. POD Publishing, a New York City based publisher of fine art prints, offers thousands of images for sale using their own web-based Print On Demand system.

Find artwork such as this young lady, Will Eisner's Skinny Bones, at the POD Gallery.

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