Will Eisner the 'graphic novel'... again.

This topic raises its head on a regular basis and it seems to be happening again. Over at Dr. K's blog, Dr. Andy Kunka looks at the origins of Eisner's coining of the term "graphic novel":

It is now fairly common knowledge that Eisner neither invented the term itself nor the form that we call a "graphic novel," but it is fair to say that he popularized the term when he later used it to promote [A Contract With God] upon publication from Baronet Books in 1978, and, for better or worse, the term has stuck.

If, as an Eisner reader, you are not familiar with the ground covered by this topic, this is as good a place to start as any, as the comments to the blog post also features some interesting comics history noted by graphic novelist Eddie Campbell, among others.

The Comics Reporter's Tom Spurgeon has a thought or two on this recurring issue as well.

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