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2011 ComicsPro Industry Appreciation Award nominees

Will Eisner and Denis Kitchen have both been nominated in this year's ComicsPro Industry Appreciation Awards. Here's some more detail from the press release:

The direct market remains the way most comic-book stories get from creator to fan. ComicsPRO wants to honor those people who stand in that gap and help smooth the process. From publishers, distributors, marketers, creators and more, a lot of people are involved in bringing the stories we all love to market. ComicsPRO would like to stand up and recognize those who have been simply the best at what they do, making the comic-book direct market more successful for all of us.

ComicsPRO has created The ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award to honor these individuals, and the winners of the 2nd annual award will be announced at this year's ComicsPRO Annual Membership Meeting in Dallas, Texas, from February 10-12.

There are two categories for the Industry Appreciation Award, one for professionals who are still active in the business of comics and a Memorial Award one for those who have passed away and left an indelible mark on the profession of comic book specialty retailing. After a period of accepting nominations from members, the ComicsPRO Board of Directors presents this final ballot. Members will vote for one Award recipient from each category.

The 2011 nominees for the ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award:

Steve Geppi
Denis Kitchen
Stan Lee
Bill Schanes
Bob Wayne

The 2011 nominees for the ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Memorial Award:

Will Eisner
Jack Kirby
Julius Schwartz
Phil Seuling

The 2010 Industry Appreciation Award recipient was Paul Levitz, former president and publisher of DC Comics. The 2010 Industry Appreciation Memorial Award was presented in memory of Carol Kalish, a former Direct Sales Manager at Marvel Comics.

Read more about the Award and the nominees at the ComicsPro website.

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