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Will Eisner's New York: pics from opening night

MoCCA opening

Gary Dunaier has uploaded a wonderful Flickr photoset from the opening of Will Eisner's New York exhibition at MoCCA. The show is on until June 30.

View the full set of photos here.

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art - MoCCA - is proud to announce Will Eisner's New York: From the Spirit to the Modern Graphic Novel, an exhibit showcasing work of the comics and graphic novel master that was inspired by, and which spotlighted, his hometown, the city he always held closest to his heart: New York. The exhibition will run from March 1-June 30, 2011. It is curated by Denis Kitchen and Danny Fingeroth.

From the Golden Age of Comics through the creation of the modern graphic novel (a form he was instrumental in popularizing), you will find New York City at the heart of Will Eisner's work. Whether thinly disguised as "Central City" in the pages of his legendary creation, The Spirit, or more directly presented in his autobiographical graphic novels, New York was portrayed by Eisner as only a native of the city could know it.

This exhibition spotlights the city as reflected in all eras of Eisner's work. It includes Spirit artwork, art from many of his classic graphic novels, including A Contract with God and To the Heart of the Storm, and original paintings by Eisner, as well as art by significant creators who were influenced by him.

Full details here or the MOCCA website. Interview with Eisner (1968)

The very new iteration of The Comics Journal website has been running articles from the Journal's archives and has uploaded a 1968 interview with Will Eisner originally published in The Comics Journal #267, 2005.

Read the full interview here.

Google Celebrates Will Eisner's birthday!

UPDATE: The Eisner Google Doodle from March 6 created a lot of interest in Will Eisner and this website. Traffic increased incredibly and websites, blogs and tweets spread the news across the globe as different time zones woke to the event. Thank you for your support and interest in the life and legacy of Will Eisner.

To celebrate Will Eisner and his lifetime achievements, Google has dedicated the Google Search Page to Will today on March 6, Will Eisner's 94th birthday.

So when you do an Internet search from the Google Main Search page today, instead of seeing the Google logo:

you'll see:

Yes, the eyes are the Google "O's."!

This is great news! Be the first to pass this on to your friends and associates - tweet about it, blog about it, put it on your Facebook wall, or forward this e-mail. Do it now - it'll be here today and gone tomorrow....

And that's not all... Scott McCloud has written a special blog posting for the Official Google Blog. To read it, click here: Official Google Blog.

It's international and can be seen on most Google search pages from Andorra to Zimbabwe and can be read in Afrikaans to Vietnamese! (No, we didn't test them all.)

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