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The Spirit as political cartoons...

The great comics site Diversions of the Groovy Kind has a blog entry featuring some rare single page stories featuring The Spirit:

When Underground Publisher Denis Kitchen got Eisner to let him reprint a couple issues' worth of classic Golden Age Spirit stories, he also managed to get Eisner to create some brand new Spirit material. Instead of brand new 7 page adventures in the classic vein, though, in the first issue (1973) we got an updated Spirit walking (or punching) through a set of single-page strips that are really political cartoons. The Spirit and Ebony are still 100% themselves, but the tone and purpose of the strips are as far removed from the 40s classics as the latest issue of Green Lantern is from the Silver Age GL. I s'pose "re-inventions" aren't always a bad thing, after all...

Read the full article here.

Imprint: The Spirit of the Stone Type

Imprint, the design website, has a great article on Will Eisner's splash pages, 3D letterforms and his influence on other artists:

But everything changed with the appearance of Will Eisner's "The Spirit" (1940). "The Spirit" was published as a seven-page supplement to the comics section of American Sunday newspapers. As a supplement tucked inside newspapers, "The Spirit" did not depend on being visible on the newsstands. It was not limited by the need for recognizable branding like "Superman".

Mr. Eisner used that extremely cleverly by going in exactly the opposite direction. Not only did he change the masthead of "The Spirit" for every issue, but very soon, the masthead became an integral part of the scene/set.

Read the full article here.

DC's The Source: Moritat on The Spirit

DC Comics' The Source has a mini interview with Moritat, artist of the monthly The Spirit comic book:

A few years ago, I was catching the train at Broadway Junction to come into the city. Will Eisner walks up and we started talking. He said, "you should come work for me." I said, "I would love to." We talked a few times, but then I got drafted and I went off to Vietnam. So, it's a pleasure to finally work with Mr. Eisner.

Read the full article on DC's blog.
Comic-Con International (Comic-Con) is proud to announce the nominations for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards 2011. The nominees, chosen by a blue-ribbon panel of judges, reflect the wide range of material being published in comics and graphic novel form today, from heartfelt autobiographical works to books aimed at kids and teens to deluxe hardcover archival editions. Unlike in past years, superheroes are very much in the minority in this year's selections.

Read the full list of nominees at the Comic-Con website.

MoCCA Art Festival this weekend!

This weekend is the annual MoCCA Art Festival in New York City. Will Eisner Studios has taken a booth where we'll have a "real" Eisner Award on display and we'll be holding a draw to giveaway some of Will's books. There will also be a panel about Will on Sunday at 1.30pm moderated by Charles Brownstein of the CBLDF and featuring Jules Feiffer, Paul Levitz and Denis Kitchen. Stop by and say hello!

For more information about MoCCA and the festival, visit their website.

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