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Google Celebrates Will Eisner's birthday!

UPDATE: The Eisner Google Doodle from March 6 created a lot of interest in Will Eisner and this website. Traffic increased incredibly and websites, blogs and tweets spread the news across the globe as different time zones woke to the event. Thank you for your support and interest in the life and legacy of Will Eisner.

To celebrate Will Eisner and his lifetime achievements, Google has dedicated the Google Search Page to Will today on March 6, Will Eisner's 94th birthday.

So when you do an Internet search from the Google Main Search page today, instead of seeing the Google logo:

you'll see:

Yes, the eyes are the Google "O's."!

This is great news! Be the first to pass this on to your friends and associates - tweet about it, blog about it, put it on your Facebook wall, or forward this e-mail. Do it now - it'll be here today and gone tomorrow....

And that's not all... Scott McCloud has written a special blog posting for the Official Google Blog. To read it, click here: Official Google Blog.

It's international and can be seen on most Google search pages from Andorra to Zimbabwe and can be read in Afrikaans to Vietnamese! (No, we didn't test them all.)

New @

We've given the website a bit of a back-end upgrade and front-end facelift, while adding some new features like a Facebook stream for new posts and a Twitter account. We hope you like the new site. Please stay tuned for all the latest Eisner news. Thanks for reading!

Recently heard...

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Excuse the pun, but we just heard from Bob Andelman that A Spirited Life, his biography of Will Eisner, has just been released as an audio book. Bob narrated it himself and an excerpt can be heard at

Digital audio books are no longer restricted to cassette tapes and can be downloaded to almost any computer, mp3 player, or cell phone. Besides being a great time saver, they are used by many blind people and people with limited eyesight. While considering that, think about how audiobooks could be used for Comics and Graphic Novels? Help by posting your ideas on the new Audiobooks topic in the Forum! The person with the best idea will win a FREE Signed and Numbered hardcover copy of one of Will Eisner's Children's books.

We're Having Another Lottery!

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YES, the rumor is true -- The Will Eisner website is having another lottery.

This time the lucky winners will receive a copy of one of the three new Will Eisner Textbooks - "Comics & Sequential Art" (below), "Graphic Storytelling & Visual Narrative," or "Expressive Anatomy."
Entering is simple, just join the Will Eisner Forum. Click on Forum button at the top of the page above and follow the directions to register. Make sure to enter "Lottery" into the Interests Field of your profile. If you're already a Forum member update the Interests Field with "Lottery" and make sure that the e-mail address in your profile is still correct. It's that easy to have a chance to own one of these great new textbooks! We'll post the names of the winners in the Forum.

Just make sure that you enter by April 15th at midnight! You'll see - good things might happen to you on April 15th (taxes due in the US).


In Conversation with Jules Feiffer

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Dartmouth College and The Center for Cartoon Studies partner to host the annual Will Eisner Spring Lecture. This year's lecture will be presented by Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Jules Feiffer. It will be presented at the Haldeman Center at Dartmouth College on Tuesday, April 21, 4:30 pm, and is free and open to the public.

Feiffer won a Pulitzer Prize and a George Polk Award for his cartoons; an Obie for his plays; an Academy Award for the animation of his cartoon satire, Munro; and Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Writers Guild of America and the National Cartoonist Society. Feiffer has taught at the Yale School of Drama and Northwestern University and has been honored with major retrospectives at the New York Historical Society, Library of Congress, and the New York School of Visual Arts.

For more information visit The Center for Cartoon Studies

WESI_EisnerLectureLogo.jpg moving servers

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Yes, we're moving to bigger and better server space over the next few hours. So, if the site disappears or looks buggy... that's the reason. Hopefully the transition will be a smooth one. See you on the other side! (Note: if you're reading this version of the message... we made it!)


| No Comments | No TrackBacks is upgrading has upgraded its back-end software, which may affect the site over the next few days. We apologize for any inconvenience. Regular site services have recommenced.

Eisner Forum upgrade in progress...

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Just a note to advise that the Eisner Forum is being upgraded today (both the back-end PHP server and the front-end software). This may mean that normal services may be interrupted for a short period of time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Eisner book give-away: winners announced...

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Will Eisner: A RetrospectiveThe lottery for the MoCCA Will Eisner Retrospective catalogs was held this morning and the 20 winners chosen! Thanks to all who entered and we're only sorry that there weren't enough booklets for everyone! The winners have been notified by e-mail and have until the end of December to reply with their mailing address. Should they not reply or if their e-mail is undeliverable then alternates will be chosen and notified.

Thank you all for entering and participating in the Will Eisner Forum!

Best Wishes,
Will Eisner Studios, Inc

Go here to see the list of winners.

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