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Two Original Art Exhibitions Coming for the Centennial
In France at Le Musee de la Bande Dessinee, Angouleme
And In New York City at the Society of Illustrators
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Previews Order # NOV160063

Happy Holidays - 2015

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May The Spirit of Christmas 
Be With You All Year Round

Christmas Spirit


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Two Books
That We Highly Recommend
For Holiday Gifts


And The Documentary Too...

Brazilian Poem

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Help wanted... 
Here's a timely Brazilian poem by a Will Eisner fan about 
Will Eisner's New York
plus this English translation: 

Is there a city without walls to shelter your soul, 
or muffle your cries and choreograph the dance of your life? 
If walls exist to protect and exclude, 
do they not also contain and imprison? 
Would those walls then stand for love or hate? 
After all, walls are not made by nature... 

Can you translate into other languages?
Email your translations here!


Feiffer and Levitz Discuss Eisner

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The New York School of Visual Arts 

Pulitzer Prize winning author and cartoonist Jules Feiffer and former publisher and president of DC Comics Paul Levitz discuss the legacy of 20 year SVA faculty member Will Eisner. 

If you missed it, watch it on the 
SVA YouTube Channel: Click Here

Become An Event Sponsor: Click Here

Harvey Hall of Fame

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The Harvey Awards
Baltimore Comic-Con 

Will Eisner Inducted into Harvey Kurtzman 
Hall of Fame
Presented during the awards ceremony by Jules Feiffer who was also inducted into the Hall of Fame. Jules Feiffer got his start in comics working for Will Eisner in 1946. 

Champion of the Graphic Novel

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From Abrams ComicArts


November Update: Paul Levitz Interview

An Amazon Best Books of the Year Choice

Order Now at Almost 50% Discount

New York ComicCon

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Going To New York ComicCon?

Look For The Spirit 
  at the Dynamite Booth Here

On Friday 
  Celebrate The Spirit's 75th Anniversary Here

On Saturday 
  Will Eisner: Champion of the 
     Graphic Novel Here 

And Coming This Fall...

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Watch this space for...

Will Eisner at the Geppi Entertainment Museum  (link)
   September 26th through March, 2016 

Will Eisner at New York ComicCon (link)
   Friday Oct 9th Panel (link)
   Saturday Oct 10th Panel (link)
   and much much more...  

Will Eisner at the New York School of Visual Arts (link)
   November 11th with Jules Feiffer and Paul Levitz 

Will Eisner on YouTube (link)

Will Eisner for more info (e-mail)

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