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Columbia University Exhibition

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If you're close to Columbia University in New York City, make sure to visit Butler Library on their campus in upper Manhattan. Part of their large collection of graphic novels is on display on the third floor of the library. The display cases there present an exhibition designed to encourage interest in using these unique resources in curriculum and research. Seven themes are presented and for each theme an image from traditional art is matched with three images from graphic novels. The exhibition has been put together by Karen Green, the Columbia University Graphic Novels Librarian. For more information visit the Library blog.

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Look for the Will Eisner Booth at the American Library Association Mid-Winter Show in Boston. We'll be there from January 15th thru the 18th with information about Will Eisner Week, Will Eisner's Comics and Graphic Novels, and the Comic Book Industry Will Eisner Awards. Write to Admin at willeisner dot com, if you'd like a pass to the show.

For more information about the ALA Show visit this website: ALA Midwinter

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