Karen Green: Cupcakes for EVERYBODY!! Graphic Novels and Academic Acceptance

The Reading Revolution: Will Eisner and the American Graphic Novel

We are very fortunate again this year to have a number of comic educators and artists share with us their academic lectures and assignments.

Now through March 5th we will be adding content to our Educational Materials generously donated from comic educators: N.C. Christopher Couch, Diana Green, Karen Green, Tom Kaczynski, Jim Keefe, Zak Sally, and Sara Witty.

Browse through our archives from last year for posts on Will Eisner from Paul Karasik, Diana Green, Ivan Brunetti, Dr. Frenchy Lunning and Diana Schutz.

To begin we would like to share with you an article Karen Green wrote last year on "Graphic Novels and Academic Acceptance." This opens this years theme of "The Reading Revolution: Will Eisner and the American Graphic Novel," perfectly for the educational section.

Adventures in Academia
Cupcakes for EVERYBODY!!
By Karen Green

It's now exactly four weeks since the panel I moderated at New York Comic-Con, "Graphic Novels and Academic Acceptance." There's probably not much I can add to describe it that hasn't been covered in Paul DeBenedetto's terrific and incredibly thorough summary. So, I'll try to pull out a few points that were made in the course of the evening and take them out for a spin.

Who was there?

I had hoped to have a panel that was balanced between academics and creators and, for the creators, I wanted a balance between superhero and independent comics work. I also wanted creators whose work I admired as well as who had names that would pull in a crowd. The panel went through a lot of permutations but, in the end, in the corner for the academics, Kent Worcester of Marymount Manhattan College, co-editor of A Comics Studies Reader and Arguing Comics: Literary Masters on a Popular Medium; Bill Savage, a senior lecturer in the English department at Northwestern University; Gene Kannenberg jr, director of ComicsResearch.org, editor of 500 Essential Graphic Novels: The Ultimate Guide, and co-editor of Erotic Comics, vols. 1 and 2; and Greg Urquhart, Comics Editor at Alexander Street Press, and editor in charge of their forthcoming online collection, Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels. And in the corner for the creators, Dean Haspiel, Peter Kuper, and Jonathan Hickman. Do I really need to tell you who those guys are? Surely not!

Read the full article here.

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