Thank You Portland!

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Will Eisner Week comes to Oregon -- thank you Bridge City Comics, especially Shawna Gore, Diana Schutz, and Michael Ring!

Bridge City Comics hosted the Graphic Novel reading Club where the topic was Last Day in Vietnam, Will Eisner's novel about the Vietnam War. S
hawna Gore helped to organize the monthly event.  

Diana Schutz, Will Eisner's Editor at Dark Horse and Adjunct Professor at Portland Community College, began the evening by talking about the reason for the yearly celebration. "Part of the purpose of Will Eisner Week is to keep his memory alive. He was the most important person in comics ever, and his legacy is worth celebrating. He gave so much to the industry, and pioneered so many things." 

The evening continued with discussion about the novel and Will Eisner's other works. 
Michael Ring from Bridge City Comics commented, "He was the Steve Jobs of comics. He was there during the game changers and pushed things along."

See Christian Lipski's article at the Examiner 

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